Flight Review: Turkish Airlines TK5 Business Class B777-300ER Istanbul to Chicago


I flew Turkish Airlines TK5 Business Class from Istanbul to Chicago on May 8th, 2016. No pictures and unfortunately a quick short stay at the airport – so I didn’t have too much time before this flight in the amazing Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul Ataturk airport. Sorry no seat shots, but I do have some in some other Turkish 773 flights I’ve taken; I’ve been on these birds from Hong Kong to Istanbul and Istanbul to Toronto. Note the seats do differ from those flights – this Istanbul to Chicago flight was of the latter style.

The amenity kit provided was from Jaguar. Sorry no pics but the standard content – the only thing I used on this flight were slippers. I wear a US size 12 or 13 and sadly the slippers are always a bit short…

Menu, starting with the right side, finishing with the left prior to landing.

The on-board Turkish chef can be seen in my first picture, and the result of his hard work here. Everything looked amazing, and most of it tasted pretty good to me too.

Lentil soup – first time I’ve had a lentil soup. Not typically something I’d order; probably quite good if you’re into it though. Not really a soup or flavor for me though.

In flight salmon – yesssss! This dish was quite delicious.

A sampling of the many (but not all!) desserts. Pretty and tasty as well.

Turkish meze – a tasty assortment of the second meal before landing.

I had the prawns and tagliatelle. I thought the pasta was a little bland, although I have a hard time recalling a time I had any pasta on a plane that wasn’t bland.

All in all a smooth and enjoyable flight. The entertainment system worked as expected, although would have been even nicer on the more upgraded planes in this fleet with the even nicer displays. Thoroughly enjoyed my Turkish Airlines experience as I have my others, highly recommend this airline!

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