Things to Do in Dubai: Dubai Kartdrome – Dubai Karting Indoor Track


Looking for things to do in Dubai? The Dubai Kartdrome has an indoor karting track. It is a short walk from the outdoor track. If you are at the outdoor track, you can basically walk to the exit of the parking lot, take a left, take the left on the street that has all the retail shops (on your right side) and just continue down this road until you hit the entry. I thought, hey, while I’m here, why not visit the indoor track too? Price list as of March 2016.

This track however does not open up until 7pm. Both tracks stay open until midnight. Although, unfortunately, there is not much of a reason to go to this track. It doesn’t look that bad on paper I suppose in the track map above, but the reality is there’s maybe one fun part (blasting against the back wall) while the rest pretty much feels like the same turn over and over, and is not really all that fun. I didn’t use a lot of brakes and for the most part I don’t think you’d need to. I guess this would be a good track for practicing these big hairpins, although I was simply tired of it after a while. A race is 15 minutes and I think I was ready to come in after 10, and I only did one session here to pick up the footage.

Part of me says hey, while you’re here, try it out; the other part of me says hey – just go on the outdoor track again – it’s a ton more fun. This track might be more fun for you if you bring a few friends to compete with. Unfortunately I did not find it too fun. If the history indicates the history of all time, it looks like it was the first and second race for the guys I was there with, who both bested me so kudos to them. We were close enough in times that we were never really by eachother the whole time, which could be seen in my video, if you had the fortitude to watch the entire thing which is arguably my most boring video to date.

Didn’t realize how heavy the rubber was initially and just kind of drove through it, I should be a little smarter about protecting the ol’ gimbal and GoPro, it was a bit whack for a bit. Seems fine today though.

If you click the title on the embedded video, it will open up in youtube and you’ll be able to full screen it.

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