Companion Pass Engine

This is an engine that tells you how to apply for and obtain a Southwest Companion Pass allowing someone traveling with you to fly up to two years for free. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, maybe the Beginner’s Guide or the What are these engines? posts will help.

Depending on the link and card, I may get a small referral when any of the above are used to apply for a card.  These took time to build and require maintenance as cards, conversions and award charts change over time; please advise if you find any bugs or incorrect data as well.  Your support is very much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Companion Pass Engine

  1. Scot

    Forgive my math/ignorance, I’m confused by your numbers. Why does 60,000 points from Chase Ink only result in 31,200 points? Wouldn’t be at least 65,000 points, with the $5,000 spend factored in? I thought it was a 1:1 transfer?

    And why are they transferred through Hyatt?


  2. mike Post author

    @scot, while the miles do transfer 1:1, when from chase they *do not count towards earning the companion pass* – for this reason they must be transferred through an intermediary. iirc there might be a tiered rate approach with hyatt and to keep things simple with the engine i did some rough math – in any case it is the intermediate system that will yield the best results. chase -> sw = no pass qualifying miles, chase -> hyatt -> sw = pass qualifying miles.

  3. Scot

    Makes sense…I found that out after browsing your site a bit more. Sorry I was so quick to comment. Seems like you’re giving away a lot of points simply to get a companion pass on a mostly domestic carrier. But I suppose if someone travels with a partner domestically all the time it works.

  4. mike Post author

    totally agree – just an available option and could help one achieve the pass/do so quickly. the friction and loss in converting points in general outside of the 3 big programs (chase/amex/spg) usually seems pretty painful and is rarely an option i would choose.

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