Karting Abu Dhabi at Al Forsan International Sports Resort Raceway


Al Forsan International Sports Resort is located just a bit west of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. They have wakeboarding (background of this pic) and other water activities, shooting, equestrian activities, and all the other regular sports; they also have paintball and motorsports. If you’re on this blog you probably already know which sign I’m following.

Track: The track is a a lot of fun and a cool design, it flows well and is pretty long at 1.2 km in length! It’s got some elevation changes to it too. There is a very nice kiddie track as can be see North of the regular track in this Google Earth view as well.

The big first turn (first article image) is like a blind uphill one from the kart – turn and hold on and cut the apex else you are going to fly out wide!

This is the kiddie track from afar – nicest dedicated one that I’ve seen.

Pricing: A complicated pricing sheet. Note costs go up for peak times, plus there are 3 types of karts offered. Regular and BK1 will be mixed together, I believe rotax will be sent out in their own class. I don’t know if there is anywhere else in the world that lets you rent per session rotax – pretty cool. Also a cool interesting format – you can’t rent a faster kart until you earn it with lap times!

My first session was a 1:20.06 – they gave me a hard time later about accepting this. The desk guys wanted to but wanted to get confirmation from a manager first and the first one said no. This was pretty annoying given then my next race was clearly under it and .06 is nothing. I said it was my 20th kart track in the past 45 days and I was going to do one more race and would be making a cool video with all my crazy gear… second manager approved. A bit silly nonetheless.

Karts: The karts were pretty good and had some height adjustment, nice after coming from SE Asia. Unfortunately my BK1 kart felt a little whack after my 2nd lap – something was wrong. I swapped in, then a couple minutes later they had me bring it in again and swap for another (not sure why) so I actually did 3 different ones in that session. Although my best lap was with the original one.

Standard karts are 270cc 4-stroke 13 hp. BK1 karts 250cc 4-stroke 18 hp.

Onto dem races…

Timing: Of course, and these fast dudes are total badasses. The longer and trickier course the more I expect to be leaving time out there, the month and year to date times were really impressive. My standard kart timings:

BK1 timing – qualified for the Rotax (< 1:13):

Standard and BK1 kart videos. Around 11:20 in the BK1 kart someone drags me before the big turn and doesn’t appear to consider that they have to take a big turn… good thing for all of that run off space eh??

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