Karting Across Thailand – Part 12: Bangkok – MSL Motorsports Land


This is part of my series where I kart across all of Thailand, publishing them in the order I visited them. For more about deciding to do this and how I went out and about and got from place A to B you can read my intro article to the series, I Kart Raced Across the Entire Country of Thailand. Also worth checking for some general safety comments for karting if you’re new to it, as safety is not always priority #1 out there…

Name: MSL Motorsports Land

Website: http://www.motorsportsland.net

Location: map

Cost to get there: My taxi didn’t really understand where it was at first and wasn’t too familiar with karts, although did want to just take me to RCA (which seems to be the more popular name for EasyKart here.) I can’t recall how much I paid but it was sufficient for the trip in my experience.

Cost: Appears to be 500 baht for 8 minutes per their website, I don’t really recall. I remember the girl working at the counter having purple hair and tats and though so I thought she was kind of a badass. Forgot to take pics of pricing.


As can be seen with the headline image, the track comes with a castle, so you know, that’s pretty cool right? You also get this view of the Elephant Building. He’s an elephant, you see? Side view and walking left :)?

Popularity: Lots of locals there with their karts.

However not tons of arrive and drivers at the time I went. Like most of the others shooting for a weekend is safer if you are not with a crew. As you can see in the vid I went out with a group of girls and… younger girls. Their dads and such all sat there and watched, not sure why they weren’t out there themselves!

Karts: Felt fine, the standard 270cc 4-strokes I think.

Timing: Taken and printed out. I only did a couple races but think I got in some good times for the day.

Overall: I’d enjoy the track with a little quicker karts. I’m wondering if these were 270cc or a little smaller? I didn’t realize the races were only 8 minutes but that seems shorter than most in Thailand. Actually they seem to be the shortest in Thailand, I guess if anyone should know at this point, it’s me…

Video: If you click the title on the embedded video, it will open up in youtube and you’ll be able to full screen it.

Other tracks in Thailand:

1. Patong Go-Kart Speedway
2. Phuket Kart Speedway (100cc and 125cc 2-strokes)
Hua Hin
3. Go Kart Hua Hin
Chiang Mai
4. Chiang Mai X-Centre Drift Karts
5. Chiangmai Speedkart
Ko Samui
6. Samui Go-Kart
7. EasyKart Samui
8. Krabi Kart (420cc and 560cc 4-strokes)
9. EasyKart Pattaya
10. Bira International Circuit (no arrive and drive; rotax rental)
11. Pattaya Kart Speedway
12. MSL Motorsports Land
13. EasyKart Bangkok (RCA)

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