Karting Across Thailand – Part 7: Ko Samui – EasyKart Samui


This is part of my series where I kart across all of Thailand, publishing them in the order I visited them. For more about deciding to do this and how I went out and about and got from place A to B you can read my intro article to the series, I Kart Raced Across the Entire Country of Thailand. Also worth checking for some general safety comments for karting if you’re new to it, as safety is not always priority #1 out there…

Name: EasyKart Samui

Website: http://easykart.net

Facebook: Easykart.net

Location: map

Cost to get there: I was in Chaweng, it was actually a decent hike from where I was staying (Chaweng Grand View Resort) but I just walked there and back. Cuz dat’s how I do.

Cost: This place is totally the most streamlined commercial karting facility, and by saying that I mean all EasyKart facilities. They also have a totally separate smaller track for beginners / young kids. They take credit and have lockers for your stuff, and if you buy 4 races you’ll get a free shirt. I’ve got a blue shirt and a grey shirt now…

Track: No google earth view for some reason, although I’m not under the impression this place is new or anything. My first experience with EasyKart. A neat feature of their tracks seems to be they always loop it in on itself so you get a hill to go up/down and a tunnel to go through as well!

Popularity: All the EasyKart facilities seem popular enough that you can visit most times and find some arrive and drive people to get into some sessions with.

Karts: 270cc 4-strokes.

Timing: Yes, it is taken and provided, as well as displayed on their timing system.

Overall: A fun place to kart, and although I didn’t master it or anything, I kept thinking this track would be a bit more fun with a bit more power. The 270cc 4-stroke is a pretty standard kart for Thailand as can be seen across my blog; it certainly is for EasyKart, but I remember on this course in particular thinking it would be a bit more fun with one of the 100cc 2-strokes.

Video: If you click the title on the embedded video, it will open up in youtube and you’ll be able to full screen it.

Other tracks in Thailand:

1. Patong Go-Kart Speedway
2. Phuket Kart Speedway (100cc and 125cc 2-strokes)
Hua Hin
3. Go Kart Hua Hin
Chiang Mai
4. Chiang Mai X-Centre Drift Karts
5. Chiangmai Speedkart
Ko Samui
6. Samui Go-Kart
7. EasyKart Samui
8. Krabi Kart (420cc and 560cc 4-strokes)
9. EasyKart Pattaya
10. Bira International Circuit (no arrive and drive; rotax rental)
11. Pattaya Kart Speedway
12. MSL Motorsports Land
13. EasyKart Bangkok (RCA)

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