Karting Across Thailand – Part 5: Chiang Mai – Chiangmai Speedkart


This is part of my series where I kart across all of Thailand, publishing them in the order I visited them. For more about deciding to do this and how I went out and about and got from place A to B you can read my intro article to the series, I Kart Raced Across the Entire Country of Thailand. Also worth checking for some general safety comments for karting if you’re new to it, as safety is not always priority #1 out there…

Name: Chiangmai Speedkart

Facebook: Chiangmai Speedkart

Location: map

Cost to get there: A friend I was staying with arranged a songthaew (red truck) to take me, wait for me to kart, and return – however I totally forgot the price by now, sorry readers… it might have been 400. This place is a bit of a trip to the southwest area of Chiang Mai, although a straightforward route.

Cost: Cash only, although as of writing this I do not recall the rate. 600 baht for 10 minutes?

Track: The track is pretty long and challenging and as can be seen from the Google Earth view, can be set up in many different configurations, so even frequent local karters can be kept on their toes.

Popularity: I did a familiarization session on my own, then another with a father and son, and then a final one by myself. Unfortunately the data was wonky in the 2nd race, which might have been more interesting in what was actually going on around the track, so the video is from the last race. If you’re lone wolfing it, probably best to show up for an arrive and drive on the weekend.

Karts: I believe these are 270cc 4-strokes. I came in my last session to swap karts as I didn’t like the feel of the first one I was given, which my data did show I was a little slower in. 3/4 karts over the 3 sessions felt good though. Rentals on the ground, customer karts on the stands.

Timing: No timing.

Overall: A fun challenging course, and cool that they change it up a bit so that even if you compete with some locals, there may be some new tricks thrown in for them too! Pretty challenging track that would be fun competing in with a group of friends.

Video: If you click the title on the embedded video, it will open up in youtube and you’ll be able to full screen it.

Other tracks in Thailand:

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2. Phuket Kart Speedway (100cc and 125cc 2-strokes)
Hua Hin
3. Go Kart Hua Hin
Chiang Mai
4. Chiang Mai X-Centre Drift Karts
5. Chiangmai Speedkart
Ko Samui
6. Samui Go-Kart
7. EasyKart Samui
8. Krabi Kart (420cc and 560cc 4-strokes)
9. EasyKart Pattaya
10. Bira International Circuit (no arrive and drive; rotax rental)
11. Pattaya Kart Speedway
12. MSL Motorsports Land
13. EasyKart Bangkok (RCA)

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