Struggling for Information, and Why My Blog is Needed!

The above is a perfect example of why the car angle for my blog is needed – because it’s a bit of a nightmare figuring out what cool car/kart/etc experiences you can find. Websites are old, and/or in other languages, and/or contain bad information. Here’s our location from 2013! Here’s the contact page that reaches the guy that worked for us in 2011! Here’s our calendar of 2014 events! It’s quite a ride on the pain train.

I’m trying to find some cool things to do in Thailand right now. It looks like one kart track I’ve found has been demolished. Others are operating today and some even have programs that might be of interest, but if I reach out to places via their published e-mail addresses… in case you’re not aware, the “Mail” responses above are all mail delivery failures…

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