The Value of Hilton Honors Points and Golden Moments


How much is a Hilton point worth?  As of today, The Points Guy‘s last valuation was at 0.5 cents.  An older, but decent methodology, at valuing them is in this article.  Although I’ve considered using them several places, I always end up staying at places I’ve found off of airbnb.  It also ends up at 0.5 cents.  While I think there are sweet spots and things I may use them for some day, I happened upon a much cooler way to use them today!

I’m not sure why it’s tied to Europe so much, particularly the UK, but Hilton has a Golden Moments site for all sorts of experiences you can buy with points.  The coolest all seem to be flying and driving experiences.

The ones I’m most interested in are the rally experiences – pretty awesome!  Half to two day rally driving schools in Europe with various cars.  How much?  Poking around the experience and location it’s possible to track some of them down.

I have found some of these on the site tematis although I’m not sure I’m mapping them all correctly.  Here’s what I came up with for the ones I found:

1/2 Day Training95,270Link€2500.32
1 Day Training142,929Link€4900.42
1 Day Training w/Impreza fin192,971Link€5900.37
1 Day Impreza TrainingLink€690
2 Day Training283,523€9800.42

Are the points better used for stays?  Possibly… although for me they are probably better used for seats.

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