Go Anywhere In The World For $300


Although the American Airlines 100k points Citibank AAdvantage Executive offer has officially ended, there are still links out there for it – and they still work.  This can be confirmed when calling to activate the card upon receipt.  One such link is here.

What does the offer entail?  Spend $10k within 3 months to get 100,000 AA points.  The card has an annual fee of $450, not waived, although there is a statement credit of $200.  Side bonus: access to AA and US Airways lounges as well as certain partners if you actually do fly a bit.  So this ends up being a $250 annual fee card – which one could of course cancel before the annual renewal takes place.

Is this a pricey card and offer?  Absolutely!  $450 is a hefty annual fee, and 10k in 3 months is some pretty serious spend.  Through a combination of real spend and purchases on everyday things to manufactured spending however, it is certainly doable.  Worst case scenario – send the entire $10k to your buddy/wife/cat/whoever and the paypal skim is $290.30.

After the 100k miles will have posted, the cost will be $250 for the annual fee for the first year because of the credit.  Actually redeeming the points is going to cost some amount in fees and taxes and vary on departure and arrival airports – keeping the math simply let’s say $50.  So $300 here and we have a ticket to basically anywhere – or absolute worst case scenario, it’s $300 + $290 so about $600.  After 10k in spend, the balance will actually be 110k AA points total.

Where does 110,000 AA miles get someone?  Per the award chart, quite far!  49 states + Canada, Four round trips in economy.  Central America?  Two round trip business class tickets would be 120k – pretty close.  Certainly enough for one.  A trip to Argentina, Japan, or Europe – round trip in business for 100k.

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