How Many Points Did Leonardo DiCaprio Use To Fly 30 Women To Brazil?


What guys?  I’m totally just here for the soccer game.

So apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio Flew In 30 Women To Party With Him In Brazil.  But the real question on that is, how many points did he use to do so?  I actually just booked a return flight home some Sao Paolo with points.  I spent 50k points and $67 for TAM business class.  What did Leo spend?  Let’s take a look at the award chart.

Travel BetweenCabinMileSAAverAAnytime
Level 1Level 2Level 1Level 2Level 3
North AmericaBrazil
Business / First50,000110,000135,000*

Well one thing we know for sure, is he didn’t fly them all there in level 3 because that is where AA takes your soul but lets you fly the plane for an hour.  Level 1 MileSAAver probably also means level “never available ever” so we can skip that one.  You don’t really want your women fighting because you’ve picked 10 favorites to fly business class either, hopefully you can stave off the fighting over you by at least the time you hit the ground.  I’m sure Leo is always looking for a good deal so let’s assume we found that sweet Level 2 MileSAAver magical flying machine to load up all of our ladies in!

At 30k points times 30 lovely ladies the math is simple, we need 900,000 points, or 1.8 million if we also plan to return our ladies back from whence they came.  So keep this in mind if AA undergoes a huge mileage devaluation and they broadcast it coming – if you’re sitting on a bunch of points there’s only one way to leverage them all at once – a plane full of women to Brazil (or an hour at unpublished super secret Level 3).  The former is probably a more fun option though.

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