Machine Guns Vegas

Was out at a convention in Las Vegas for work, and “unfortunately” had to take a break from the presentations to take out customer for entertainment.  We left early and headed out to Machine Guns Vegas to entertain him through excessive firepower.

There are sets of guns available arranged in “experiences” which can be customized as well.  After your package is chosen, your group goes with the range master for a brief safety intro then you’re off to the range.  Our group had first time shooters to very experienced shooter.

The range master takes care of all the work; one only need to choose their target and shoot at it.  Well aside from the most important part, listening to your range master’s instructions to stay safe.  Ours was great, she was really fun and funny and made the whole experience even more awesome.  With her and the SAW:

Sig Sauer P226

Shot 2 Saiga shotguns

Colt M4 full auto

H&K MP5 full auto

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