What’s with iPad Goons?


iPad people, seriously what’s up with y’all?  I first noticed this when out on a personal trip poking around Berlin.  This woman was standing around taking pictures with her hugetastic iPad just looking like a complete goon.  What’s the deal?  I get it if someone is taking pictures with a camera phone, hey it’s convenient and it’s always around.  If going on vacation though, why not use a real camera, or at least stick with that one?  You can’t lug around an iPad and take pictures without looking absolutely ridiculous.  Hey look, I’m taking pictures with a book!

Pictured above is a goon on a Thai Airways flight in business class.  Pictured below is a monk in Laos at the waterfall in Luang Prabang.  C’mon bro you know better.  Look at your buddy he’s got a sweet Canon around his neck.

My friend kt, guilty as charged and proud of being an iPad goon.

No kt NO

One thought on “What’s with iPad Goons?

  1. KT Garrity

    OMG Mike I love you! I am completely humbled and honored that you used my iPad selfie photo in your article. That just proves how amazing it is to take photos with your iPad. DUH. The only thing that could make it better is a pink Swarovski crystal case. Next time, next time! I look forward to seeing more incredible photos being added to this post.

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