Thai Airways TG625 773 Business Class Flight Review: Manila to Bangkok MNL to BKK

Unfortunately this 773 seems to be the older configuration of the two that Thai Airways presently has. The seats have a funky style to me. Unfortunately they are angle flat but not the nice fully lie flat available on many modern configurations, including the much shorter 1 hour hop I took after this flight to get up to Chiang Mai.

I’m a big fan of cashew chicken, although didn’t find this version to be all that appealing. Seemed a bit oily for me too. If this menu was sitting in front of me right now, I’d try the braised beef.

I think this is a pretty typical asian jelly kind of dessert; I’m sure it is pretty in tune with both the Thai and Filipino tastes. I’ll stick with more western style desserts myself though. 🙂

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