Thai Airways TG242 A330 Business Class Flight Review: Krabi to Bangkok KBV to BKK

Whoopsies – a day too late. Not exactly my fault – I knew coming in that I’d be a day over – although I arrived around 10:30pm and was aware of this. I tried to fix it by hanging out in BKK and foregoing lounge access, to actually go through immigration and arrive the next day. Which I did indeed do; I arrived to immigration at 12:15am into Thailand. I asked the immigration officer the date, stated it, he repeated it, and I thought I was good to go… as he stamped my passport for the prior day. Oh well…

Was leaving the country out of BKK, but you go through immigration here in Krabi. The immigration officer pointed to my passport being a day off, I didn’t think he’d care for my little story, which I told him and he simply pointed again to the date. No surprise. I got pulled to the side and paid a fine and got this fee. 500 baht. The charged of line is awfully long isn’t it? It was near my boarding time but thankfully it didn’t take too long to do… It was still a solid 15 minutes though. If you’re in this same situation you probably want to be a bit smarter than me and arrive earlier – I actually was expecting to go through immigration in BKK.

Unfortunately I took little pics of anything of the flight; it was a Thai A330 with 131 degree business class angle seats. The food was some kind of egg wrap with shrimp; I wasn’t particularly excited about it myself. The chocolatey dessert was tasty but certainly pretty much all sugar.

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