United Airlines UA973 772 Polaris Business Class Flight Review: Brussels to Chicago BRU to ORD

The final leg of me returning to a US now led by Trump. Brussels to Chicago on the new United Polaris business class, which I was happy to try out! Goodies by Saks.

2-3-2 with reverse staggered configuration. This is the only thing with these cabins – they are bussyyyyy. Pretty much the least privacy for premium class travel. I’ve done these a few times and my default pick is a window seat – and you can see here there’s no stagger or aisle just for your seat; you are right next to someone. Kind of cool if you are sitting with someone that is a good chat partner, although the thing is I’m mostly stepping over strangers. Like when my seat-mate in the aisle is in lie flat bed mode and sleeping, then I need to step over them and try not to bug them. Kinda awkward. I’m also more easily able to do this being 6’2″, but what about you if you’re 5’6″ or something? I could recommend the aisle then, although note that you’ll be the one being stepped over all the time then!

I do think the socks are cool. Pic for all you foot fetishists out there. I accept donations in bitcoin?

Looks cool. Menu with food and draaaanks.

In a surprise move to myself, I had the halibut, although I don’t recall the taste.

Chicken on arrival.

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