Thai Airways TG934 773 Business Class Flight Review: Bangkok to Brussels BKK to BRU

Heading back to the states and home from my Winter 2017 excursion – this flight was taken in May. Started out with some food from the BKK lounge. Something to snack on, although nothing to get too excited about.

The seat and a mostly full business class cabin.

Some sexy legs and amenity kit goodies.

The menu, I had the second option with the snapper for dinner, and the omelette for breakfast.

A bold looking in flight entertainment system, and a goodbye to a Bangkok city view at night!

The noms have arrived, although I don’t recall anything about the taste. Ah the perils of doing your blogging 8 months too late. It certainly looks nicer than the other Thai meals in my last few posts on this trip!

The seat converted to a nice comfy bed, great for getting some Z’s after catching up on a bunch of movies.

Breakfast is served.

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