Life Changes, Switching Jobs… Looking at becoming a Digital Nomad (DN)



Been quite busy with work and other things lately and have not updated the blog in some time.  Just visited part of the Bourbon Trail down in Kentucky with a buddy’s bachelor party, I’ll do a blog on it in a bit.  Just started (quite quickly) getting cooler around Chicago as our track season comes to an end.  Got a common quirk in the BRZ to address and a WRX that went from a bit to a bit more broken after my handy work… oops.

The biggest recent news is I decided to leave my prior job as a sales engineer for IBM.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot, but with all these miles, and nothing really restricting me from longer term travel, I wanted to be able to work (real) remotely and that was not something I could do in such a dynamic and customer facing position.  I’ve taken a new role now as a full on regular employee (a first in my career by the way I view my work history) at a major US based bank, which is going to allow me to work remotely.  I don’t plan on leaving until January 2016, as I’m best man at a friend’s wedding in October, Thanksgiving is in November, and Christmas in December – but after that, I’m looking to start roaming.

I’m not sure where off to first – I have a fairly wide range of potential first stops to settle on.  Columbia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand, and the Philippines are all on the list as potential first month targets.  Think I may be leaning more towards the latter…  I’m also looking for track day bros to show me around to their local race tracks, to get a ride and hopefully figure out some way to even drive on them.  We’ll see how this all shakes out…

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