Flight Review: CX807 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER 77H Business Class Chicago to Hong Kong


This is quite a long flight – no need to decide whether you want to sleep or watch movies; you’ll certainly be doing both!  My first flight on Cathay Pacific.

The seat was a nice lie flat and felt like it had more leg room than other flights I’ve been on in the past.  I was pretty comfortable and happy at 6’2″.

What I recall being quite impressed about (and a somewhat silly thing admittedly) is my flight attendant pronounced my last name perfectly; something I have trouble remember anyone actually doing, so I was impressed!  Service was standard/good and I’m a lazy flight reviewer and consider these mostly as just pictures of seats and food so that those taking the same flights may gain some familiarity.  So onwards to the food and menu!

I had the beef for lunch.

I did get some pics of the chicken as it went by.

Cheese plate and cheesecake… one of these forms of cheese I prefer to the others…

Stretched out watching the new (not very good) 300:

Dinner to start:

I had the lamb.

Everything was good overall and I had an enjoyable flight, albeit quite long.  I’m on the very long scenic route to Johannesburg through Hong Kong rather than going through London or Doha, on oneworld.  I wanted to try Cathay, which I liked, but wouldn’t route this path again myself!

Although I usually keep and ebay my amenity kits, the two I’d be picking up from my Cathay flights I would have had to carry around a long time to do so with (full of their stuff) – although I ended up deciding they were the perfect bags for the multiple action cameras I had with me.  Really love how these guys tie up.  Great bags, ended up keeping both from my Cathay flights!

A small video of the seat and cabin.

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