Flight Review: QR1360 Qatar 787-8 788 Business Class Johannesburg to Doha


Heading out of South Africa on my way to UAE on the way home.  I had a Qatar flight from Doha to Abu Dhabi after this for a stopover as per my race cat vacation article.  At this point I had been lugging around my helmet for about 3 weeks in anticipation of getting to use it at Yas Marina for the F3000 program.

There was a nice little lounge with available access before the flight.

This was the first time for me being on a 787.  I was surprised it wasn’t much larger and wider, actually!

The seats were very nice and everything looked great.  Although happy to be lying down in an airplane period – these ones did not feel as spacious as those on the prior Cathay Pacific flight when I was trying to sleep.

What’s to eat?

After service and the cabin became a lot quieter, I wandered around to snap some pics of the bar type area.  To nom on some chocolates…

Getting there!

Light meal before landing.

A good trip overall, and as a second leg, one I was quite happy to have finished completing!

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