Mancakes Bakery in Vancouver


Well, my friends and I were walking down the street and stumbled upon this – walking left appeared to be foolish so right we went into the bakery for some yumyums.  Mancakes has a lot of tasty treats, with full descriptions on their website and the wall.

It would be nice to try them all…  we got the Whiskey Lime, Chicago, and Rum and Coke.  Although I was quite tempted to try the Bacon Chili Chocolate and should I find myself in front of a Mancake again it is likely one will end up on my plate.

I just got a Latte but my buddy also went for their insanely strong coffee, a brew known as Deathwish that touts itself as the strongest coffee in the world.  This is the only place it’s served in Vancouver; it’s probably a toss up as to which was the most healthy for him, the cupcakes or this concoction…

If you’re in town I’d recommend you stop by, if you live in town I’d recommend not making it a daily visit however!

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