Whopping 40% Transfer Bonus Amex to British Airways


There’s currently a huge 40% transfer bonus from transferring Amex Membership Rewards points over to British Airways.  British Airways does have some interesting and good usages as noted in some of my other posts.

Who does Amex transfer to?

I don’t have much in the way of Delta… looks like lots of their buddies and some randos.  It’s nice to have the points here and transferable to others – although I’m not sure how compelling they are to stay if Amex is offering such a fat transfer bonus to BA.  Generally it’s probably a poor idea to transfer something without a plan to use it in place, but 40% is a wicked carrot.  (Hopefully they don’t devalue 5 days after I transfer anything…)

I know ORD-DCA is 9000 avios, so it’s pretty impressive to be able to use 100k avios for 11 round trip economy seats.  But at a 40% transfer bonus, that turns into 140k avios and 15.5 round trip seats!

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