Is Thanksgiving the Busiest Travel Day of the Year?


An oft believed myth which I did believe myself.  However the data does not lie!  Per this article on Quartz, it is not actually even all that close.  I’ve heard elsewhere that summer typically has 5-10 days busier days than the day before Thanksgiving.

A summation of their findings from the 2013 data: the day before Thanksgiving ranked 27th.  The Friday before Christmas was the busiest winter day, coming in at number 4.  The top 3 spots were all made up of Thursdays in summer in July.  On one hand the variance may not seem all that large – 39,753 flights for #1 and 38,676 for the day before Thanksgiving – less than 3% more for the top spot.  Then again that’s still 1,077 more birds in the air.

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