Visiting the Autobahn in America


The Autobahn Country Club, that is…

If you read my blog at all you’ll find the cars section is less about renting a Camry from Hertz and more about fun cars for people that actually like and drive them, which is a whole lot more fun to talk and write about.  Within a few hours of Chicagoland there’s a fair amount of race tracks that are accessible, including Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL.  Whether through programs the track offers or rentals for car clubs, it’s possible to bring (or rent) a car and get some time on the track.  I went to a track day hosted by the Audi Car Club Chicago and Laps Inc. hosted July 14th and again with MVP Track Time hosted August 4th.  The track can be configured into North and South loops as well as put together for full track – which is what we ran both days.  Some pics and vids below.

Some fleet cars that can be rented and used for driving lessons.

A view of the South track.


A new M4 and his BMW buddies.  I counted 23 BMWs at the MVP day.  More power cars than I typically see too.

The close one is a C6 Z06 Carbon Edition.

Those almost make these look downright wimpy…

Ariel Atom

Driver’s meeting.

My car the first day and the second track day.  In the latter I have a bunch of bushings installed as well as some coilovers; the car is lower and the wheels have more camber.

Tires warm and sticky after doing some work…

Finally a video on track, of my last session – had my 6 best laps all grouped together during this session as I was trying to chase guys down.

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