I’m On Million Mile Secrets!


I’m on Million Mile Secrets as part of their Big Travel with Small Money interview series!  Thanks so much to Emily and Daraius for the feature.  As a thanks to any new visitors I’ll be giving away a couple of gift cards.

  1. I’ll choose a random comment from any new ones from now until end of day Sunday to win a $15 Starbucks card.
  2. Best Bucket List idea I like I’ll award a $25 Shell gas card to.

Thanks and good luck! Will be checking up on the blog and thread today – but actually going to be spending a lot of time up in the air on my way from Chicago to Stockholm via Scandinavian Airlines.  Will be updated the blog with content from Stockholm and Istanbul on this trip.

27 thoughts on “I’m On Million Mile Secrets!

  1. Rachel

    My bucket list is pretty long, but a big goal is to take my five children to the Great Wall of China to teach them about history and expand their world!

  2. Nguyen

    Hi Mike, you have a very nice bucket list. I would recommend a trip to visit HaLong Bay in VietNam. While in this country, you should also visit Da Nang, and then SaiGon city. Thanks.

  3. Ryan

    I like the idea of keeping a formal bucket list. There are many places I want to go and many things I want to do, but I’ve never really written it down. Right now my next goal is to plan a fun trip to Asia since I haven’t been over there yet.

    1. mike Post author

      @ryan, i think it’s a good idea and am glad i made one. current and prior trips have been a bit random really – hmm i guess i’ll go here. and while i’m at it how about here? i think it will be much better if i do more planning in the future about locations and this will certainly help. also note a lot of things on my list are more experiential – ie. i visited kuala lumpur and happened to get lucky being there during thaipusam. which would make it much different than simply visiting kuala lumpur and being ok, a new city, and poking around… it’s cool to see and experience somewhere new and different but i think it will be much more interesting and fun if i find cool events and experiences to plan around and attend.

  4. Christine

    My bucket list is to have a NASCAR racing experience! I would love to drive a car and be in the pits!

    1. mike Post author

      @christine, that is pretty up my alley although i’ve found it hard to justify the costs vs. the amount of actual driving time at the nascar experiences. i’m not running at it but i figure some time i will end up doing this…

  5. Ryan K

    You should add the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. It has a jungle and a river inside and is large enough to hold a 40 story skyscraper inside. The cave was only discovered four years ago and tours will start this year. It’s definitely on my bucket list.

  6. Ryan K

    Also, I just found a really cool looking place that I’ve never been to called Plitvice National Park in Croatia. It has some really cool extraordinary waterfalls and hiking paths to see them all. Google it…

  7. Elizabeth

    Since your bucket list includes places in Paris I would add visiting Normandy and taking a private D-day tour.

  8. Julie

    My bucket list is so long I’m not sure which one to pick. My husband rolls his eyes every time I read a trip report from any blog because he says, “uh, oh, where are we going now?” So here goes, my most difficult to attain item on the bucket list: a stay at the Royal Suite in the Cinderella Castle at Disney World. I’m not royalty but that would be the closest I’d get to being Queen for a day.

  9. CynthiaD

    I really need to write down a bucket list, though it could end up being very long. I’ve always wanted to go to Churchill in Canada for a polar bear tour.

  10. Nancy

    My bucket list is long but I would like to go to Bora Bora. I remember a description I read of the island in a book I read 25 years ago. I would love to see the beautiful people, the gorgeous sunsets, the lush tropical vegetation and the volcanoes.

  11. SK

    The top of my bucket list is a trip to outer space! Since Sir Richard is leading the charge maybe some Virgin miles will come in handy – can you imagine how many cc bonuses that would take?? 🙂 In all practicality, I would love to take my wife to Italy – it’s been a dream of hers and we’ve promised each other we would do it for our anniversary.

  12. Hong Hong Ie

    I love reading MMS weekly interview of other bloggers. It’s amazing to find out there are so many ways to travel Big with Small Money.

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