Travel Tip: How to Avoid Blisters

shoeSo, I do a fair bit of hoofing around usually while I travel.  I was in Berlin with a buddy for near a week while he was working, so plenty of walking around for me to do during the day.  Both times I’ve visited DC for fun, I’ve found even after day 1 that my feetsies were in pain.  Certainly on the way to blisters if I kept pushing it.  What to do?  I poked around and found this combo to meet my needs – went through all of SE Asia with this combo and it felt great, no discomfort at all.  Maybe the combo will work for you too.

  1. Shoes: I went to The Walking Company and got some ecco athletic style shoes designed for walking.  The “Krypton” series pictured above.
  2. Insoles: they had some scanner thingy that recommended some for feet.  I recall thinking they were more than I wanted to pay on top of the shoes, but hey, I want to feel comfy and it would be rough if my feet started hurting early on in a 3 week trip.
  3. Socks: WrightSock specifically makes anti-blister socks.  They aren’t cheap but there are good ideas executed in them designed to reduce the reasons why blisters occur.  My only real complaint is that I wear a size 13, and these seemed ever so slightly a little small.  I wore them on my trip and since then as well and I generally forget about that not long after putting them on.

There you have it.  Worked great for me and I hope this post can help others poking around for ideas too.  Let me know what works for you!


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