Flight Review: RJ623 Royal Jordanian A320 Economy Abu Dhabi to Amman


Navigating out of AUH was kind of a pain.

No pics but the signage for Royal Jordanian was horrendously unclear. I apparently got into the wrong line and jumped part of the real one which itself looked to be for Alitalia as I recall. Trying to head to immigration to exit, I was told I had to go back to some area and get my eye scanned. The guy basically just pointed to some crowds and was like oh yeah, that one – when there were 20 crowds of 5+ people in the general direction. Completely unhelpful but a woman who just did it walked me over and showed me what I missed, some kind of immigrations eye scanning part of the line I hopped; although not exactly that one, since it was unstaffed, but one next to it. No one seemed to really have any idea about what line they should be in or the eye thing – it was a bit of a clusterfuck that some proper signage and information could easily clear up. How messes like this are not addressed I simply do not understand.

I thought I was being clever using a free flight stopover to go kart racing – alas that was not to be the case as it was rather cold and quite rainy. After I made it through security in Amman, I just hung out at Starbucks most of the day.

The flight was nice and uneventful. I caught a movie and thankfully had a lot more leg space compared to some of my other recent economy flights, always nice since I am 6’2″.

The seats were comfortable and the flight was short, no complaints to me and left me wondering why I don’t save some miles and try some longer international flights.

This was an early flight (7:20am) and came with breakfast. Some kind of egg thing that was tasty enough. I’m not a big fan of breakfast overall and prefer to not do it on planes since I find other meals more interesting to sample from various cuisines, but hey it was early morning in economy, anything was welcome.

Short review for a short flight. Hey, you get what you paid for!

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