Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours


My friends and I went on one of the walking tours from Forbidden Vancouver.  I think it may have been the last of the season?  I found them on TripAdvisor and they did not disappoint, I can’t say I’ve had a bad walking tour anywhere yet, thankfully.  We did the “Lost Souls of Gastown” tour, and although it was a bit chilly the tour was well worth it.

As I recall it lasted a little over an hour, and was told through our tour guide/character recollecting real historical events that occurred during Vancouver’s history, all based on real events.  The tour was $19 for seniors/students and $22 for adults.  It met downtown in Cathedral Square and lasted about 90 minutes; it was fun and I wouldn’t hesitate to take one of the several other tours they offer again – highly recommended!

Walking through Gastown with our guide, and seeing Gassy Jack.

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