Flight Review: QR721 Qatar 777-300ER 77W V1 Business Class Doha to Chicago


“Hey wait a second!” you say – “that’s Abu Dhabi’s airport!” – and indeed it is; but it was a cool picture I wanted to use and it is where my trip actually started.  I was stopped over in Abu Dhabi, with a layover in Doha on the way home, but that’s where my big flight was from.  I had a short economy hop between Doha and Abu Dhabi to visit the latter, a far more interesting spot to visit.  So I actually started this trip off here, and on an economy flight.  Nothing interesting on this flight from Abu Dhabi to Doha (on Qatar) although I did snap a pic of the snack.  OJ, a lil muffin, and some kind of warm chickeny bread thing that was so-so.

Unlike the 787-8 I took to Doha, this was a 777 with 2-2-2 configuration of lie flat seats.

Jammies and amenity kit.

Menu and tasty bits.

I had the prawns.

Then I watched some movies…

and decided to try the lamb later as well!

All was pretty tasty.  I liked the lamb with the pom seeds as well, good combo and all was very tasty.

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