Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge Review


I was on a long layover twice through Doha, which doesn’t seem to be an uncommon experience.  What to do?  On the way out I spent time at the Al Mourjan lounge, and on the way back I opted to leave the hotel and poke around Doha with a little free time.

The airport overall is quite new, big and nice, definitely a lot of running through this place.  Thought I’d snap the McLaren… and this strange big bear.

Ok, back to the lounge.  Do you want to sleep?  Then the first thing you should do is head on over to the quiet rooms in the back.  They are through the glassed dining area located on the main floor of the lounge.  This glassed area is the 24/7 made to order area; it looked good although I did not try anything in there.

The bathrooms in this area also seem a bit more hidden, and are likely less trafficked.  It’s good to head here first because the quiet room spots are limited, and you’ll likely have to reserve a time.  So get in and reserve early for maximum sleeps.  There’s no bed in there; essentially some chairs and a tv, which I didn’t use but assume they give you some headphones for, as it is a pretty quiet room.  No pics (sorry) but I just made a little nest area out of chair and slept in there as best I could.  It’s possible to try and find an area in the main lounge to snuggle into as well, although most of it is much busier.

These baskety chairs were cool but I don’t recall there being many power options up in there.  The blue chairs however offered much more.  Head upstairs to the main dining area.

I had eaten plenty on the way up from Johannesburg, and it was around midnight.  No pics of the spread but I still had to try a few of the main offerings!  I am a sucker for salmon so it’s always something I’m going to try too.  Surprisingly I ran into a handful of bones, although I don’t recall the last time I even ran into one elsewhere.

All in all, the place was super nice and the food quite tasty.  That’s about all you get out of me on a lounge review.

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