An AirBnB Problem Experience


I ran into my first problem with airbnb after posting my first airbnb article.  I was looking for a place to stay in Istanbul, and someone had their room available as an instant book.  $31 a night and it comes with two cats!?  I’m sold!  Unfortunately it was listed in err.  The host let me know and I went to cancel it immediately.  My receipt showed $185 to the host and $23 to airbnb in service fees.  Upon cancellation about 13 hours after reservation, the $185 refund began processing.  I had read some stories about hosts/visitors having problems and the only one winning be airbnb, so I was hoping I’d have a pain-free experience getting my money back, as I did not feel I should be required to pay the booking fee for this cancellation, although it was not going to be refunded without a request.

I opened my ticket via their online help/e-mail system, March 28th at 12:30pm.  I was getting worried as I had heard nothing back for days and although I could view my ticket, it was not assigned anyone to review it for days either.  Today, April 2nd, I did get a response at 9:30am and find my ticket to be assigned.  No hassles, they will be refunding the money.  Took near 5 days to get a response, but thankfully all has been taken care of smoothly.  Still highly recommending airbnb!


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