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These are the real crypto kitties!

About this Fundraiser

Running Wild Conservation is a cheetah breeding project, and additionally currently has the following animals in their care: Much efforts are taken to provide the animals the diets they have out in the wild. This is especially important for the cheetahs born and raised in captivity, to have a taste for the game meet they will eventually be chasing down. Cheetahs eat about 2.6 kg a day. Their lions currently eat about 6 kg a day. The caracals and wild cat eat around 0.5 kg a day. These cats eat a large amount of meat, and 1 BCH would do good to feed everybody for a bit over a week. Although that seems a lofty goal for a first fundraiser, so I'll kick this off with a request/initial goal of 0.25 BCH. As can be seen in the video above, they have some chirpy newborn cheetah cubs, and think another female may be pregnant now as well!

About Running Wild

Running Wild is a conservation organization run by Desmond and Elizke Gouws in South Africa. Cheetahs are actually an endangered species with a current status of Vulnerable. Cheetah cub mortality in the wild varies from 50 to a staggering 90% depending on the region. One of the many challenges they face when they do grow to adulthood is that many of the males are sterile as well. Running Wild is a conservation project that seeks to breed cheetahs in captivity, work with them on how to hunt, and then release them to the wild in cheetah friendly areas (free of predators that may compete or cause them harm.) They have successfully released GPS tracked cheetahs back into the wild.

About igobyplane.com

I was a former volunteer at their breeding project and looking to see if the crypto community can help feed these hungry kitties!